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A Sweet Peace Of Mind

Our faculty members started the "A Sweet Peace of Mind" Social Responsibility Project, where they will organize social and artistic activities for elderly people living in Izmir / Bornova Nevvar Salih İşgören Nursing Home.

The main purpose of the project is to show young people that it is possible to get a healthy and quality age and that our awareness of the elderly people in our lives should be high. To show that being a peaceful society can only be achieved by preserving the love and respect between generations by taking advantage of the "unifying power of art".

With the activities carried out in this project, it is aimed to increase the self-confidence and commitment of the elderly to their lives, to create the social environment they need, and to enable the young people to share their experiences. In line with this main purpose, some activities will be organized on different dates with the voluntary participation of young people studying at Ege University. The physical and mental mobility of the elderly will be ensured through activities such as painting and design, music, photography, poetry reading, memory games, bocce, and creative outputs such as concerts, concerts, and exhibitions.


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