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Our academic staff and students have completed the "HEM-DEM" social responsibility project at the İzmir Governorship of Izmir Bornova Nevvar Salih İşgören Nursing Home.


Visual Communication Design students of our faculty visit elderly individuals living in Bornova Nevvar Salih İşgören Nursing Home on certain days of the week; They met the elders and listened to their life stories and took their photos.

In the expression "Hem-Dem" in the project name; while evoking togetherness, Dem; It means breath, time. The name "Hem-Dem", which means breathing together and living at the same time, is an indication that the bond between the young generation and the elderly will be strengthened with this project.

The most important achievement of this project is to transfer this accumulation from younger generations to other generations, based on the awareness that our elderly individuals are a living historical and cultural memory. The fact that the life stories of our elderly people are written by young people and that the photographs have features such as reminders and keeping the moments fresh in the direct transfer of sections from their one day to the photographs morally supports this purpose.

"Hem-Dem" provides the way to breathe together and share by being under the same roof through photography. At this point, the sharing of two different generations, who can communicate, that is, and therefore listen to each other and empathize, is very important.





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