Çerez Örnek
canlı destek


The program to be applied in the Department of Painting aims to take a closer look at the discussions of philosophical interpretation tradition with the courses such as basic art education, visual perception, color, anatomy, application, philosophy and history of art. In addition to theoretical courses such as Turkish Art, Contemporary Turkish Art and Contemporary Interpretations of Art, it also includes courses such as mythology and semiotics to examine the philosophical problems underlying the works of art. While various techniques are thought in workshop classes that will continue through the teaching period, it is planned to implement the practices that will improve the ability of the student to create and analyze artworks.

In this branch, it is aimed to develop the creative and constructive forces of the artist candidates, the intuition power which is the basis of creativity and to gain the culture necessary to interpret the relations between objects in order to concieve the nature and logic of art. The programs target is to educate qualified and talented researches, original artists and art people who have aesthetic values, understand contemporary and traditional art from an interdisciplinary perspective and who aim success in team work as well as individual field.


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