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Message from Dean


Prof. Dr. Alev Fatoş PARSA

Founder Dean

Art, design and architecture; these three fundamental concepts, which are at the very center of life, grow and develop on the basis of art, technology and science today. It is no longer possible to live without touching architectural structures, different design products and artworks in modern urban life. The Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, which Ege University set out with this awareness, is an important and unique value of the most established university in the region.

There are four fundemental departments in our Faculty, which was established with the aim of raising professionals with the knowledge and equipment to produce qualified production by providing education in creative fields such as art, design and architecture. It is our greatest desire to raise individuals who have universal thoughts and values, can approach problems analytically, give priority to humans and society, design creative and innovative products and apply computer and information technologies to design processes, and have professional responsibility and self-confidence. With the deep-rooted experience of our university, our Faculty's programs offer methods and tools to transfer this knowledge and experience to the practice. In line with this purpose, our effective programs, prepared with competent academic staff, careful and up-to-date curriculum, await future architects, designers and artist candidates. In this sense, we encourage our students to be involved in the process of art, design and architecture with the awareness of the entire moving universe's concepts of human, time and space; we invite you to create together.






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