Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture

The aim of the Visual Communication Design Department is to enable students to gain the intellectual accumulation they need by learning the theoretical approaches and visualizing them with the applied courses. The contents of theoretical and applied courses are designed in this context to train the designers of the future with a new generation of communication tools that will blend the theoretical knowledge with practical applications. The main objective of the department is to provide an expert, qualified workforce by educating undergraduate students who will contribute to the artistic and sectoral field with their academic structure.
The curriculum of the department focuses on students’ creative problem solving skills based on design principles, visual thinking, gaining strong and effective communication skills, content development/conceptual thinking, creation of corporate identity design, design selection of advertising channels in the brand creation process and on its use. Therefore, a teaching process is being implemented on the use of communication media such as creative text, images, motion and sound communication tools on new media, television, computer, intelligent communication tools and spaces, interface/interaction design, printed products, and all other media related with the information and communication technologies.