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Visual Communication Design is the department that adds the ability to see and perceive to the communication for a multi-purpose. It is integrated with applications that combine technology, which is the requirement of mass communication and visual communication, with aesthetics. It is to make visual communication theories, techniques, and applications usable from all areas of traditional and new media, from print media, magazines, newspapers, posters, and advertisements to corporate identity applications, with creative thinking. In visual communication design, conveying a message to the target audience is based on the ability and creativity to visualize a creative idea.

Visual-designer uses communication tools such as creative text, images, motion, and sound on new media, television, computers, smart communication tools and spaces, interface/interaction design, printed products, and all communication channels. Education of the Visual Communication Design Department focuses on creative problem solving, content development/conceptual thinking,  design principles, visual thinking, gaining strong and effective communication skills, creating corporate identity design, design selection, and use of advertising media in the brand creation process.

In the Visual Communication Design Department, which will accept students for the first time at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, it is among our goals to train the designers of the future, who will blend theoretical knowledge with practical applications and use new generation communication tools. The content of the courses offered in the department is based on science, art, and technology. By following the innovations in the field of visual communication design, leading artists and designers of the field, a rich curriculum has been created for our students through seminars and workshops. Future designer candidates who want to learn different aspects of art and design and realize these teachings in digital environments will have this educational opportunity at the most powerful and well-established university of our country.


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