Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture


The Faculty, which was established on April 11, 2012, was named “Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture” with the decision dated April 8, 2016.
Within the understanding of education and training based on professional knowledge, and in the way that combines the artistic, design and architectural aspects of the country with its accumulation of tradition and the future, the aim of the faculty is to raise individuals who are creative, innovative, entrepreneur and active in the design and artistic field both at national and international levels.
In line with these objectives; raising the staff who support national development by bringing science, art and technology together and who carry out researches that will contribute to science and art at international level are among the other objectives of the faculty.
Visual Communication Design, Graphic Design, Painting, Architecture and Traditional Turkish Arts are the departments of the faculty. The Restoration Department has been established within the Architecture Department and Tezhip Art Department has been established within the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts. These departments are scheduled to receive student attendance in the next academic year, while the Department of Visual Communication Design will start education with 62 students in 2018-2019.