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Our Faculty, which was established on April 1, 2012, was named “Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture” with the decision dated April 8, 2016. By providing education with creative, innovative, and contemporary approaches, our Faculty aims to engage in academic and artistic activities at the national and international levels.

Within the understanding of education and training based on professional knowledge, and in the way that combines the artistic, design and architectural aspects of our country with its cultural legacy and the future, the aim of the faculty is to raise individuals who are creative, innovative, entrepreneur and active in the design and artistic field both at national and international levels.
In line with these objectives; raising the staff who support national development by bringing science, art and technology together and who carry out researches that will contribute to science and art at international level are among the other objectives of the faculty.
Four department Visual Communication Design, Graphic Design, Painting, Architecture and Traditional Turkish Arts departments have been founded at our Faculty. The Restoration Department has been established within the Architecture Department and Tezhip Art Department has been established within the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts. These departments are scheduled to receive student attendance in the next academic year, while the Department of Visual Communication Design will start education with 62 students in 2018-2019.



Department of Visual Communication Design

The aim of the Department of Visual Communication Design, which received its first students in the 2018-2019 academic year, is to enable students to learn theoretical approaches that can create the intellectual perspectives that they should have and to visualize them with applied courses. The contents of the theoretical and applied courses have been created in order to train future designers by blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications and using new generation communication tools. The main objective of the department is to provide an entrepreneurial, expert, and qualified workforce by educating undergraduate students who will contribute to artistic and sector-specific fields.
In the education of this department, students; focused on design principles, creative problem solving, visual thinking, strong and effective communication skills, content development/conceptual thinking, corporate identity design, brand creation process, and the design and use of advertising media. For this reason, the education focus is on students' use of communication tools such as creative text, images, motion, and sound on new media, television, computer, smart mobile communication tools, interface/interaction design, printed products, and all communication channels.
Students who graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design, with their interdisciplinary creative skills and their knowledge of new communication technologies, they can gain the opportunity to work in many areas of the industry. They can be able to work as content producers/designers in multimedia, animation, marketing, and graphic design companies, especially in advertising, film, and video production companies. In addition, students can continue their graduate and doctorate programs after their undergraduate education and create career development in the academic field. Our faculty also signed Erasmus+ exchange program agreements with the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Bulgaria in its first year of education.
Department of Painting
Department of Painting aims to train young artists with advanced creative qualities, tactful, knowledgeable, who will contribute to the social and cultural development of our country, by conducting art education following universal criteria. The education program to be implemented in the Department of Painting; aims to educate students equipped with contemporary and up-to-date qualifications in this field with courses such as basic art education, visual perception, color, anatomy, practice, philosophy, and art history related to the basic knowledge and skills of art. In addition, it is planned to make applications that will improve the students' ability to create and analyze works of art with various techniques in the workshop courses that will continue throughout the education period.
In this field, it is aimed to provide an education that gives the culture that is necessary to the nature and logic of art by aiming to develop the creative powers of the artist candidates and the power of intuition, which is the basis of creativity, to interpret the objects and the relations between them. The program aims to train researchers, and artist candidates who have aesthetic values, who can interpret contemporary and traditional art from an interdisciplinary perspective, and who are equipped for teamwork as well as individual work.
Department of Traditional Turkish Arts
The aim of the education in the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts is to train experts who will take active roles in documenting our traditional arts, which are national and universal cultural assets, performing their restoration, putting them into daily life and transferring them to future generations by preserving them.
The Department of Tezhip has been established within the Traditional Turkish Arts Department. It is aimed to carry this art tradition, which has been going on for hundreds of years, to future generations and to provide the necessary theoretical and applied education by reprocessing the original cultural legacy with modern interpretations. The priority of the department is to train designers who can handle traditional data in the most accurate way and adapt it to our age, combine it with today's technology, and lay the groundwork for the use of these designs in a universal sense.
Department of Architecture
The profession of architecture is a discipline that aims to beautify the environment and the city, which is important in human life, to make living spaces and public spaces more livable, and is carried out with the awareness that it also shapes human life while designing the space and place. In this respect, the fundamental understanding of the Department of Architecture is to prepare qualified architects who are liable to people, nature, and culture, based on professional knowledge, skills, and ethical principles. Its leading goal is to introduce architect candidates who can follow the developments and changes that occur in the design and production processes in parallel with social, economic, cultural, and technological conditions, make predictions and conduct the necessary up-to-date research.
The Department of Restoration was established within the Department of Architecture. The program aims to introduce architect candidates with satisfactory knowledge, and equipment to protect the cultural heritage with aesthetic, historical, and document values ​​and to transfer it to future generations. It is aimed to integrate the theory and practice related to the built environment, especially the cultural heritage, and to integrate education, practice, and research with platforms that will be shaped by the interaction in local and universal environments.







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